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Willingly, rather than unwillingly, to school

A while ago, in the dark days of Covid, Dr Mary Kennedy and I had somehow made contact via social media. When we met today, she reminded me that following this contact, Peter and I had conducted a zoom meeting with 400 students at the University of Essex. Today, we went one better and drove to the Colchester campus at the University where we actually saw real students in a classroom. And most of them, I believe, were awake -and remained awake - during our talk.

The session was recorded by the head of e-learning and we had a very responsive class of 2nd year nursing students who asked some relevant and sensitive questions.

After this session, Mary also took the opportunity to record an interview with Peter to capture, specifically, his thoughts around the diagnosis process and how that led to his 12 months' depression. Both of these recordings will be used to inform and educate students' learning for years to come.

Thank you to Mary for providing us with another great opportunity for Peter to share his thoughts and help to educate the generation of future carers.

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