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About Peter Berry - his story

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Suffolk-born Peter Berry was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 50 with early onset Alzheimer’s. Previously the owner of a thriving timber business, Peter was suddenly unable to work or run the business.

After this devastating news, Peter became very depressed but, being a ‘glass half full’ personality, has battled through this depression and focused on his main passion for cycling. He has used this passion to raise awareness of the condition, particularly in younger people.

One of Peter’s favourite mantras is that ‘life isn’t over with dementia, it’s just a little different’ and he takes this positive approach with him wherever he goes. At the same time, he tries to leave his dementia monster (an ugly, Humpty Dumpty man with a pointy nose and a grumpy expression) on the settee at home.

Peter Berry on his Penny Farthing in Woodbridge

When I cycle, I leave my dementia at home. I become who I was, not who I am.


I have always had a passion for cycling and now that I cannot work, I have more time to cycle. So, there you are - Despite dementia stripping me of so many things, that’s me taking back from dementia. It’s not a one-way street after all.

Our Mission


The world is a wonderful place when viewed through my cyclist’s eyes. Where there were dark and sinister shadows forming from the spectre of my dementia, there is now light and joy. 

Cycling does not create a memory but it does create a feeling... I can’t remember the routes or distances but I remember the feeling of being free from dementia. Dementia has become a prison, cycling is the key to freedom.

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