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Walk with me - musings through the dementia FOg

One year on from "Slow Puncture" and we are happy to announce that our new book, "Walk with Me: Musings Through the Dementia Fog" is now available to buy via Amazon.  See the links below.


There are so many people who need to be thanked in helping the book come together and so, in no particular order, they are: Martin, Howard, Andrew (for IT advice and editing), "Shortbread Ann" (for her support - she knows what I mean), Charmian (for additional photography), Sheila (for the front cover) and, of course, Daniel Ruffles, our talented photographer and type-setter. 

But most of all, thank you to Peter for your wonderful words of wisdom and insights and for sharing with us all what it is like for you to live with dementia.

Front Cover Final.jpg
Available In the UK From :
Available In the US From :
And internationally at your local Amazon website - search for "Walk with me musings through the dementia fog"
This is a compilation of the thoughts and poetry of Peter Berry, diagnosed with early onset dementia, aged 50.  Peter’s dementia impacts his short term memory severely and this means that, as soon as the words leave his mouth, they are gone for him. Peter’s friend, Deb, has spent the last two years jotting his words down and now these are captured in this book.

Illustrated with stunning photographs of Suffolk by local photographer, Daniel Ruffles, the book also takes a look back over the past year and reflects on the events since the publication of their first book, “Slow Puncture.”  

"Peter is totally inspiring and helps us realise that those with the condition can live with the condition - and still enjoy life."  Lesley Dolphin, BBC Radio Presenter.

"Peter Berry's warmth and wit shine through.  Dementia nearly destroyed him, cycling saved him and now he's on a constant mission to pedal down his demon and show others how they - in their different ways - might do the same.  I've a lot of time and respect for this Suffolk timberman, not just for the way he's faced up to his condition but for his fabulous, pithy way with words".  Journalist and podcaster, Pippa Kelly '

"Peter has such a positive, optimistic take on life, which shines through in all he does, but he is also something of a philosopher and has many profound things to say about how it feels to have dementia. His enduring friendship with Deb has already brought us one book, and now a second, sharing more of his wisdom and perspective on living with the disease." Penny Bell, Award winning podcaster and broadcaster.  

“Peter is a real inspiration his sense of humour and his determination to put his dementia monster firmly in its place should give hope to everyone.”  Pete Hill, Radio Presenter, The D Word.
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