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When someone asks you to write for them...

With Peter and I having spoken at their recent conference (and apparently quite successfully!) imagine the frisson of writer's pleasure I experienced when I was asked to pen an article for The Dementia Summit's website.

I decided to elaborate on the theme of friendship, something I think about a fair bit when I am out and about with Peter. As I often say, ours is a friendship lived in the moment; there is very little backstory for Peter but it doesn't seem to matter. The friendship is rooted in the present for him and it works.

Below is the article and, with a request to write another couple, I have no time to sit and think about witticisms to post on this website - I have to get cracking on my next article!

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Dear Peter and Deb, I and my two colleagues enjoyed your talk at the Dementia Summit at the Kings' Fund in October very much indeed. Speaking for myself I have specialist care homes for people living with dementia in Cornwall, and I also sit on our local Dementia Partnership/Programme Boards. Forgive me for contacting you this way but I wasn't sure how else to get in touch. Cornwall will be having its annual dementia conference in the Spring/early summer; the Programme Board would very much like to invite you to come and talk to us here in rural Cornwall. Do you have an email address which I can give to Paul Cadger so that he can discuss details…

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