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"Speak the speech...trippingly on the tongue.." (Hamlet)

There are many reasons why Peter wants to continue to deliver his talks and presentations. One is, obviously, to have and retain his sense of purpose. Another might be to keep me busy as he's good like that. And the other reasons are pretty well captured above. The graphic contains feedback that we received following our talk at Colten Care staff conference in Bournemouth. I have selected just a handful of the comments but these are enough to convey the impact that Peter has on his audiences.

Although Peter will not remember the conference, I do believe that at some level, he will remember the feeling of satisfaction and joy from that day. I think that somewhere in his heart he stores positive emotions that, as he says, not even dementia has the key to unlock.

And the Hamlet quote? Well, no reason other than I think it captures how Peter delivers his speeches: with beauty, style, humour and grace. And I can't resist chucking in a bit of the Bard. Just because.

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