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Pennying all over the world, well – to Norfolk and back


For those not on Facebook (and you really don’t know what you’re missing in terms of excellent content, humour and whimsical observations), here’s a short message about Peter’s latest challenge.  For some reason, best known to himself, Peter decided that he wanted to cycle 100 miles in a day on his penny farthing.  We had originally thought we would start in Lowestoft and wend our way around until we got back to Ipswich but this became too complex.

So, our plan now is quite foolhardy/simple*.   We will be leaving Friston on 15th June at around 8am and cycle 50 miles up the coast to Helmsby.  That’s in Norfolk, you know.  Then, once we negotiate passport control, we will turn around and cycle home.  And why not?  Rhetorical question, obviously.

The intention is to stop every twenty miles for refreshments, cake and for a quick shake out of aching limbs (each individual is responsible for shaking their own limbs and the rules will be quite strict on that with punitive consequences for those attempting to shake anyone else’s limbs).

We hope that one or two other mad people/penny farthing riders* will join us for some or all of the route.  We are also hoping that a friend from the USA will join us, plus a couple of people from Sudbury Sporting Memories and perhaps anyone called Alan B. 

If you would like to accompany us on any part, or even the entirety of the ride, please do.  Feel free to email me: for further details or with any questions (about the route, not about your tyre pressure, lugs, drop-outs - for those of you who have them - or anything else bike related.)

Obviously Peter will be doing the hard work but a shout out for his misguided/crazy friends/ acolytes* who will, lest it be forgotten in all the Peter admiration, be cycling 100 miles too.

Nearer the time, I will post a more precise route with proposed stopping places but, save the date: 15th June.

*delete where applicable

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