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NHS West Suffolk Talk

Sometimes, when I reflect on how my own life has panned out since meeting Peter, I afford myself a wry chuckle. Let's face it, if you're going to chuckle, a wry one is invariably the best type. Bleary eyed, at 8.15am on Monday, when I set off in the car to collect Peter for our drive to Bury St Edmunds, I realised that during my official working life, I rarely left the house so early. Strange how things turn out. Hence the chuckle. And hence the justifiable wryness of it all.

Anyway, enough self-indulgent reflections. We reached Bury in just about an hour and were given a warm welcome. Given how busy the NHS is and how stretched staff are, it was wonderful to see so many people take time out of their schedules to join us for the talk.

Peter likes to deliver these talks to raise awareness and I know (given the audience) that there was a huge level of awareness in the room already but I hope some new perspectives came through. We talked for a couple of hours, including taking questions, and I would say it was definitely a morning well spent. Peter continues to conjure up new metaphors to describe his experiences of living with memory loss and, as someone remarked, Peter and I seem to 'bounce off each other' which I think was a compliment about our delivery style rather than our waistlines.

A big thank you to Chelsie from the hospital for organising this, for the IT support, the sugary treats and also to all those who were kind enough to buy our books.

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