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My tribute to Wendy Mitchell

I wanted to add something to the many tributes that have gone out for Wendy Mitchell. I only met Wendy a couple of times and I interviewed her once for an article for AlzAuthors:

However, my overarching memory will be of these two moments she shared with Peter during an activity a couple of years ago in London organised by For Brian CIC.

For me, the utter joy and laughter she brought to this day captured the essential Wendy. This was the day when Wendy also kindly posed with Slow Puncture. It was Wendy, after all, who agreed to write a short foreword to the book which I know added an authenticity to it.

From these small pieces of interaction alone, I appreciated Wendy's candour, honesty, bravery and humour and it was an absolute honour to have met her.

As I reflect on these memories, I also know that her contribution - her pioneering work around raising awareness of early onset Alzheimer's - will never be forgotten and its impact will only increase.

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