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"Your legacy today will be widespread and impactful..."

On Thursday afternoon (just as the Tour of Great Britain whizzed through Saxmundham) Peter and I were sitting by the computer in a broiling hot study, about to address over 190 Suffolk based GPs. Although we both had some regrets about not being there to witness this amazing cycling event, as it turns out it was worth missing the fleeting moments of the cyclists to have the opportunity to take part in this training day. It felt like one of our most significant and impactful talks. Indeed, the email we received shortly afterwards confirmed this.

· Your interview together was absolutely applicable to us as clinicians and provided a huge amount of food for thought - and action.

· Please know your legacy from today will be widespread and impactful.

· I for one plan to develop a follow up call for the spouse/ Nok (next of kin) / loved one / carer of a person diagnosed with dementia around 3 months after diagnosis

· We will also work towards ensuring the reviews are focused on what matters rather than what is the matter.

All of these points validate our talk and I am so pleased that Peter had the opportunity to share his thoughts and emotions on the diagnosis process and subsequent review meetings.

A special thank you to Gail Cardy, our friend and great supporter, from Suffolk Council. She is as relentless in her pursuit of promoting Peter and of ensuring the dementia agenda in Suffolk is meaningful - almost, but not quite - as relentless as those cyclists were as they careered through our streets yesterday afternoon!

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