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Wow. Is all.

How amazing it is to be placed alongside luminaries such as the wonderful Wendy Mitchell and incredible Jennifer Bute in Shepherd (a website which provides lists of the best books to read on varying subjects).

A huge thank you to Marianne Sciucco of AlzAuthors for putting "Slow Puncture" in her top five of the best books on living with dementia.

This is what Marianne has to say about our book:

"A love of cycling brought Peter Berry and Deb Bunt together as friends. Deb had not encountered a person with dementia until she met Peter. His positive attitude about living well with dementia and his poetic and insightful musings on his condition inspired her to write his memoir, to preserve his story. This is a deeply moving book, full of beautiful, lyrical language."

As always, I would urge anyone who is looking for resources or information about dementia and Alzheimer's to go to AlzAuthors website where you will be able to pick from a range of books, podcasts and blogs to find answers to your questions.

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