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Peter and his fellow volunteers from Channel Four's "The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes" were nominated for The Grierson Awards for Best British Documentary Series 2020 and...they won!

Everyone is chuffed but, more importantly, the underlying message is certainly out there now: living with dementia does not put you on the scrap heap. Everyone in the programme supported their peers, everyone had something to offer and, most of all, everyone valued the experiences of running the restaurant. Some of us were lucky enough to indulge in the food; indeed memories of my earl grey panna cotta linger long in the mind and mouth! Mind you, from the picture of me sitting with Teresa (taken from the TV - and please note the boxes of Arsenal videos on our TV table), you would never have known it was a pleasurable experience!

Well done to all involved and to the producers and production team from CPL with a special mention to Louise Bartmann.

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