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We have a front cover...

Don't know about you but we love this front cover! It encapsulates the very essence of Peter during the Four Counties Cycle Challenge. The moment was captured by our friends, Fliss and Stewart Davidson, and we are really happy to have the photo on the front cover of the book.

But the book isn't only about this cycle challenge! Oh no...there are so many other things contained between its covers. The only way to find out what those things are is to buy it. That was subtle, eh? We are very close to a pre-order date and we have been told that one of the websites it's going on will be able to ship it overseas.

More information will follow, of that you can be assured!

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Great cover can’t edit fit book to come out xxx


Mark Green
Mark Green
Apr 23, 2020

I will definitely be pre-ordering my copy

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