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We are now officially AlzAuthors!

What a great way to end a strange year. Who would have thought that so many things would have happened in these twelve months? The pandemic and the dreadful fall-out from that has been a sobering - and for some of us - an isolating time and put many things into perspective. However, against that grim backdrop, Peter and I have had "Slow Puncture" published, read and well-received. We have been on the television, on the radio, in the newspaper and have recorded podcasts.

A few weeks ago, Vicki Tapia from AlzAuthors (she is based in America) contacted me and, having read a section of the book, was curious about the rest of it. The Book Guild despatched a copy to the USA, Vicki read it and was delighted to ask us if we would be part of the AlzAuthors resources.

We really love the way AlzAuthors has packaged up the book's presentation and hope that Slow Puncture will begin its journey across the ocean and into other countries (assuming it doesn't get stopped at a UK port).

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