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Virtual Reality on the Coast

Another day and here's yet another person popping a microphone onto Peter's tee-shirt. This is getting to be something of a habit!

Today's microphone machinations were carried out by Pam, from an organisation called Peter, Teresa and I were all involved in creating a virtual reality film with a choice for viewers to journey along the coast from Thorpeness to Aldeburgh on a penny farthing or, more sedately on a road bike.

Huge thanks to Pam for doing all the technical tweaks, attaching the 360 degree cameras to two bikes and for filming on her own.

As ever, Peter on a penny farthing generated a huge amount of interest and as we journeyed along the coast, we received enough waves and cheers to make minor royalty jealous. Very minor royalty, obviously. And only a little bit jealous.

The film, once it's been edited and stitched together, should be available UK wide so that those living with cognitive impairment or dementia can enjoy a cycle ride and, for some, rekindle those old memories of cycling. The filming included Peter introducing the session and the VR experience, talking a little about the history of the penny farthing and ending the session. He also provided commentary on some of the key sights and so a little bit of Suffolk will permeate across the country.

It's an excellent initiative and Peter was thrilled to be part of it. It was just those unexpected speed bumps in Thorpeness which made it more interesting than we thought it might be and might make it less sedate in places for those watching...

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