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Videos, newspapers and now appearing in a podcast!

Exciting podcast coming soon! Here's Teresa and Penny Bell from Discovering Dementia podcast. Discovering Dementia has just been awarded funding from the Wellcome Trust and the British Podcast Awards! Penny visited Peter and Teresa last weekend to create her podcast about the Berry family and how they are living with the dementia diagnosis. Once we have details about the broadcast, we will let you know.

In the meantime, Penny has asked us to ask all of you to complete a short survey about podcasts in general; if you could fill this in and mention Discovering Dementia in any of the answers where relevant, it would be great! The survey can be found at - if you sign in, you also win the chance to enter a draw to win tickets for the British Podcast Awards (which Penny will be at) and which is quite a glamorous event these days!

If you want more information about the survey, listen to Penny's podcast here:

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