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University of Winchester Talk

Today is the first time Peter and I have effectively done two performances in one day!  We had a morning session, followed by an afternoon session. Alas, there were no curtains descending in between acts or ice-creams served in the interval (just a Waitrose meal deal which does not have the same dramatic sense about it), but, nonetheless, it did feel very theatrical.

We have been working for a year or so with a scheme called Time for Dementia, run in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Society.  This usually entails talking to a dozen students but today, we took this one step further.  Packed into the auditorium at the University of Winchester, we could see about 100 first year nursing students. 

Expertly facilitated by Claire Hollywell, Senior Lecturer in Nursing Apprenticeships, Peter and I ran through a huge number of elements from diagnosis to depression, from denial to acceptance, from accommodating changes to creating and retaining a sense of purpose.

Although it was a tough ask for Peter to do two meetings in one day, he tackled this with his usual vigour and enthusiasm, fluency and humour.

Hearing from a person with lived experience will be invaluable to these students as they embark on their learning and venture forth into their careers.

Well played to all those involved in creating and running this scheme.

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