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Two Zoom Meetings, A Cycle Ride, Pizza and Some Meal Worm

Well, you try to make a catchy headline out of today's events!

This morning, Peter participated in two separate zoom meetings. The first was with Deepness Dementia Radio Deepness Dementia Radio | Easy Listening For Living Well With Dementia ( and Peter's interview will be broadcast in a couple of weeks. Karen, who hosts the show, will also be interviewing both of us soon, specifically about "Slow Puncture" and, with a listening audience of up to 20,000 a month, this will hopefully give more people access to the book.

The second zoom meeting was with the students and lecturers from University of Hull, who had recently read "Slow Puncture" as part of their MSc in Dementia training. This was an extremely interactive meeting and the students and Peter seemed equally engaged in the process. It was particularly good to know that "Slow Puncture" had resonated with the students at different levels and would be a useful tool in their future careers.

Then it was off for a brief cycle ride in the Suffolk sunshine, a leisurely munch on some pizza in a pub garden - luxury! - and, most crucially, the purchase of some live meal worm for the birds in the Berrys' back garden. As we cycled home, I could see Peter's saddle back moving slightly as the meal worms, knowing their impending fate, appeared to be struggling to escape.

The photo below has no relevance to the story but I couldn't find a photo which did have relevance and stumbled across my grandson's photo last year and... well, who could resist?

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