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Time for Peter to "MANUP?"

A few weeks ago, following our chat with Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk, I received an email from Dan, who is the founder of the charity MANUP? This is a charity which focuses on the hugely important issue of men's mental health.

When Dan heard Peter talking, he was fascinated and, through some behind the scenes shenanigans, the outcome was the talk he and Peter had yesterday. You can hear it by clicking the link below.

Added features: every now and again you can see my head popping into view, like a shaggy dog straining at its leash. Also worthy of note is our lovely picture of Krakow behind Peter and the way Peter holds the coffee cup (makes me wish I had given him the Arsenal Invincibles 2004 cup), but the main event is definitely this conversation between Dan and Peter.

Thanks Dan and thanks again Lesley for being the unwitting facilitator of this interview.

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