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Three podcasts and several cycle rides

It's been a busy month again for Peter and his entourage. In addition to the ceaseless cycle rides we are forced to undertake (yes, the man is a tyrannical slave driver although in the nicest possible way:-)), Peter has been involved in three exciting podcasts. The first was with AlzAuthors and created by Marianne Sciucco. Marianne is based in America so this feels pretty global! The podcast will go live (as they say) at the end of March.

The second podcast, last week, was with Pippa Kelly and will be aired and shared on the 10th March. Pippa does a marvellous series about dementia entitled "Well I Know Now" and we are excited to hear the finished podcast. Pippa's most recent podcast was with singer Lesley Garrett so we are suitably humbled to be following on the heels of such a musical luminary, and we were told in no uncertain terms that we would not be required to sing or even to hum!

Finally, the third podcast was made yesterday with actress Rosanna Miles whose series, funded by Alzheimer's Research UK, is called "Dementia Adventure". For one of us in particular, (ok, it was me, I can't hide it!) it was especially thrilling to hear Rosanna read part of the prologue from "Slow Puncture" in her beautiful melodic voice. Rosanna's podcast will be out on March 22nd.

As with all of the people who have taken time to create podcasts about Peter and "Slow Puncture", Marianne's, Pippa's and Rosanna's are essential listening and now, along podcasts from Discovering Dementia and The-BOLD-Age it feels like we have podcast ourselves to the limit and in so doing have quite possibly made Friston the world's leading podcast centre.

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