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At first sight I do acknowledge that this appears not to be about Peter but is just me indulging in a little bit of hedonistic hype. And yet it is both of these things: I coyly acknowledge there is certainly is a touch of ego-stroking going on here but it is, of course, at the same time, very much about Peter.

Had I not met Peter, articles like this one would not exist and I would still be a person with two unfulfilled ambitions (I now accept Arsenal will never win the Champions League in my lifetime but, the second ambition has been met: I am a published author).

And so, yes, I am taking the liberty of a little Easter ego-boosting by posting this interview carried out by JJ Barnes of The Table Read:

Thank you Peter and thank you JJ! Oh, and there might even be another interview with me, this time about "Walk with Me: Musings Through the Dementia Fog" coming this way, too.

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