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The House of Commons event

What a day we had at the House of Commons! What a privilege to be part of the The Reading Agency's launch of the Reading Well for Dementia book list.

The day was excellently well organised by Hannah and her colleagues and we were looked after, ushered in the right direction at all times, fed and watered. All of the speakers in a packed agenda added a different perspective on the scheme and its beneficiaries. I couldn't help but reflect on what I was doing this time six years ago...but I can't write too much about it or I might be sued for libel. Suffice to say I was in a meeting, at work and watching another young person's life destroyed by meaningless acts of violence.

Peter and I concluded the list of speakers and I'm chuffed to say we got the customary laughs (at the right places) and a heartfelt round of applause at the conclusion of the speech, hopefully not in relief but more in the spirit of enjoyment.

Thank you to all those who chose our book to be featured. Thank you for making us feel so valued. Thank you to everyone for being there to answer my many questions and for assuaging my anxiety!

But thank you, most of all to my wonderful friend, Peter Berry, of whom I am in constant awe. You have totally changed my life. You have enabled my writing dream.

I don't suppose you could work your magic around Arsenal - there's still time before the weekend matches.

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