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Thank you to Rendlesham Care Centre

Peter and I do many talks and we never really know how the day will pan out. But I must give huge thanks to Marie, the new manager at Rendlesham Care Centre, for making this one very special.

We were promised a good audience - tick. We were promised refreshments - tick/yum. We were promised as much time as we needed - tick/tock ( see what I did there?)

For today's talk, we were debuting our new Q & A session - Peter suggested this to accommodate his changing memory and it really worked. I was able to ask Peter a specific question to set him on his way and then interrupt to get clarity or more details. It did mean, of course, that I had to concentrate throughout but that's a small price to pay! By asking questions we were able to keep the talk to point and to ensure that the most important elements were shared.

Since this talk, I have already had a call from another care home in Ipswich asking if we would deliver a similar talk there. The word is really beginning to spread.

Thanks to all who came and a special thanks for everyone who bought our books - we sold 20 copies! I was very chuffed!

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