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Suffolk Sound Radio

Peter and I had already enjoyed the experience of being interviewed by Jules in her previous incarnation for another radio channel. Now Jules is a presenter with the newly formed Suffolk Sound radio show, right in the heart of Felixstowe and we couldn't resist the opportunity to catch up with her again.

Thank you to Jules for your interest in our story and our books. It's always so much fun to talk live on radio - something I certainly never thought I would say! And it is a privilege for Peter and me to have this stage to talk about the many elements of our friendship and what this means to both of us.

It's worth reiterating that my friendship, opportunities and adventures with Peter since our book was published has opened so many doors for me and helped me to find a confidence which I never thought possible. When we are interviewed it often seems to me that we both intuitively know what the other is going to say and we both seem to have a feel for who should say what. If I might tweak a famous quote from Hamlet: "there is a synergy that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will..." and this synergy is becoming more apparent to me with each interview we give.

And, Jules, we will definitely take you up on your offer to come back - somehow the time went so very fast. We have so much more to say!

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