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Sudbury Library Talk

It seemed eons ago when Rachel Taylor, Sudbury's library manager, and I chatted about the possibility of Peter delivering a talk at the library. But tempus fugit, as they say, and fugit it certainly did because, suddenly before we knew it, the evening had come.

The library is a magnificent building and stands proudly in the middle of the town. I don't usually wax lyrical about architectural edifices as my knowledge on this subject is as sound as my knowledge on quantum physics (which, incidentally, is a subject on which my two-year-old granddaughter is an expert) but even I was impressed by both the exterior and interior of the building.

Peter doesn't generally give evening talks but huge credit to him for a) surviving my erratic driving - apparently my glasses needed cleaning and b) for drawing on inner reserves of mental energy to deliver his usual fluent, articulate and witty presentation. The talk stimulated a lot of discussion and, I hope, gently challenged one of two stereotypes and myths about dementia. This is exactly what Peter wants to achieve: to raise awareness of and to destigmatise the condition.

Thank you to our reluctant photographers (Teresa and Martin) for managing a couple of useable shots, including one of our banner and for capturing the AlzAuthors logo but, due to the dearth of other photos, I have included one of a bicycle up a tree, just to see how many people read this post.

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