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Stowmarket Dementia Social Club

After the glitz of previous night when we attended the Active Suffolk Awards, it was back to the really important work.  Peter and I had been invited to be the guest speakers at the inaugural meeting of a Stowmarket social club for people with dementia.

In what was a really well attended event, the energy and good will in the room was evident and I believe our talk might be the catalyst for this new club really to take off.

There is something rather nice - albeit occasionally messy - about being fed cakes and coffee non-stop whilst talking.  Perhaps we should just both be hooked up to a wire to pump the sugar and caffeine into our blood directly next time?  It will be less messy and more efficient.

It was excellent that the Mayor of Stowmarket, Nick Gowrley, was able to attend and lend his support to this new club and we were happy to sign his copy of “Slow Puncture” and to pose with him in a dignified, mayoral sort of way, despite the sugar still pumping through our veins.

Thanks to Fiona for her hard work in getting this club off the ground and for Gail, who as ever, lends her total support to all dementia-related events.  The passion and energy that both Fiona and Gail demonstrate will go a long way into making Suffolk a dementia friendly county.

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