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Still SPLENDID, despite the misunderstanding

So, I admit to a little bit of confusion for today’s activity. Having penned a very witty tweet about an event to be hosted in Norwich where the acronym was SPLENDID (Social Prescribing for people to Live Enjoyably with Dementia/memory problems in Daily life) I soon discovered, upon re-reading my emails, that we weren’t going to Norwich. We were off to Colchester. And it wasn’t SPLENDID (well, it was in its own way), rather it was a stakeholders’ event organised by a steering group from a research team. The event, The Fundamentals of Care, comprised those working in the hospital and policy making departments.

But, you know, we got there and we delivered our talk and Peter, in particular, spoke passionately abut the need for the medical profession to improve on the way diagnoses were delivered and how better follow up care needed to be implemented.

Oh, and we had cake. Lots of it. Because someone (must have been me I suppose) didn’t get around to taking any photos of the university or the talk, I only seem to have a photo of the cakes. Someone once said (and apparently it wasn’t Marie Antoinette, but, according to my extensive research, it was Jean-Jacques Rousseau), ‘let them eat cake…’ and we were more than happy to oblige. Without the decapitation.

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