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A while ago Peter gave a presentation to the Suffolk branch of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers - SOLLA) and, because this went so well, he was invited to talk to the Norfolk/Cambridge branch during their meeting today.

This is a particularly important group of people to which to raise awareness given the financial implications which will generally arise following a dementia diagnosis. Certainly, in Peter and Teresa's case, the hurdles and obstacles which they had to overcome around accessing finances added to the immense stress levels created by the diagnosis.

As ever, the talk was well received and, with Peter's latest cycling challenge imminent (London to Suffolk in case anyone doesn't know!), it was touching that we were asked to provide a link to the JustGiving page: we are raising money for Alzheimer's Research UK - the UK's leading Alzheimer's research charity ( And so, if you haven't yet seen the link to the page, here it is again. I can be accused of wasting many things in life but surely no one would ever accuse me of wasting an opportunity.

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