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Silver Birch Care Home Talk

The talks continue to come thick and fast! Today Peter and I were at Silver Birch Care Home in Ipswich and, in the obligatory photo (where it would appear that Peter and I have really limited wardrobes, given that we invariably wear the same clothes for each talk) , we are joined by two of the audience.

One of Peter's particular passions is to elucidate on the phrase: "dementia is a complicated condition but it's surrounded by a layer of simplicity." I think the most significant element to emerge from this talk was that one member of the audience has now found a solution to a problem she was having with her elderly mother in the home. I won't be too specific to avoid breaching any confidentiality but by using Peter's thinking, the problem became an opportunity for a solution, rather than a continuation of a problem. As Peter says, if these talks make a difference to one person, then they will continue to be a worthwhile exercise.

Thank you to the team at Silver Birch for hosting us, for the excellent apple and cinnamon cake and thank you to all those who bought our books.

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