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"Safe and Found" Partnership with MedicAlert

A new year and a new scheme for Peter to get his teeth into: meet Peter, the Suffolk face of "Safe and Found."

MedicAlert (UK) is a charity based in Buckinghamshire which creates "...bespoke medical ID jewellery and by doing so support some 42,000 members....membership...provides the tools to give you or a loved one peace of mind each and every day, no matter what your medical condition might be..."

The scheme works by storing members' vital information which will then be available when it is needed most. The ID provides crucial medical details and which means, if it's ever needed, quick access with up to date information is at hand for the police or other services to assist. Most crucially, the right treatment can be provided for your medical conditions, without delay.

Peter was very excited by the scheme and has agreed to help with the charity's awareness raising campaign in March. In Peter's opinion, the support will open doors for many people living with memory issues and provide a real opportunity to participate in activities without worrying about getting lost or, as Peter says, "getting mislaid."

Updates to follow!

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