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Peter's Premier Podcast For AlzAuthors

Now that "Slow Puncture" sits proudly (and perhaps a little lopsidedly given the state of the tyres) on the virtual shelves at AlzAuthors: Alzheimer's and Dementia Books, Blogs, Stories the opportunity arose to make a short video for their website (ah, those three words: short, Peter and video just don't sit comfortably together!)

With warnings such as "I will drink your coffee/eat your cake/steal your bike if you warble on" circling around Peter's head, he managed to make the perfect premier podcast for AlzAuthors. This one was a positive message about living during lockdown and how he has learned a new skill. I will leave you to decide how well he learned that skill when you watch the video.

We are seriously chuffed that Peter's words will be heard by a wider audience and he has been asked to make more. I can only imagine how hard it will be to persuade him to do so;-)

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