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For a while now, Peter has been mulling over the idea of replicating a cycling event, The Dunwich Dynamo. This is an annual challenge which starts in London, and ends in Dunwich, Suffolk. It's an overnight cycle ride of some 100 miles and, quite frankly, the thought of cycling overnight did not fill anyone with great joy and so we were all happy when, with a little Berry tweaking, the event became a "daynamo".

This challenge will be extra special because it will be Teresa's first hundred miler (better not tell her it might be just over 100 miles) and, considering she has only been cycling seriously for a year, it's fantastic that she is grasping the nettle, or the handlebars, and joining Peter on his latest fund-raising/awareness raising venture. It beats sitting in a support vehicle in a queue of traffic, eh Teresa?

We are fund-raising for Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) as both Peter and Teresa feel that research is the best way forward.

A special mention to two other people involved in this event: Andrew, who organised the London part of the route and who will cycle with us, and and Sue, who is collecting our overnight luggage from the hotel and transporting it back to Suffolk. This will free up Peter from taking his heavy touring bike with paniers and enable him to cycle on his single speed bike.

The picture above is Peter's single speed bike (yes, that is a bike without gears) and the wording, just visible, is "my legs are my gears". Well, Peter, all we can say is "boy, are you going to need those legs!"

Look out for progress reports: we leave for London on 3rd September and will set off from Stratford early in the next morning. We hope to be back in Suffolk for fish and chips (mushy peas optional) some 10 hours later.

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