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Mirador Magazine

It's always exciting when someone from the US contacts me - unless, of course, it's the Internal Revenue Service but, as this is a most unlikely event, I was delighted to receive an email recently from Nikki Jardin from Portland, Oregon. Nikki, who is one of the co-founders of Mirador Magazine - A Dementia-Friendly Publication, asked if we would be interested in contributing to a forthcoming edition of the magazine. The best way to describe Mirador is unashamedly to copy and paste from their website:

"Mirador Magazine is an age-appropriate, dementia-friendly publication created for people experiencing cognitive change. Our pages are ad-free and include short features on nature, science, history and the people who make our world wonderful..."

Teepa Snow (Positive Approach to Care) had this to say about the magazine:

"I am hoping that folks take the opportunity to check this out. I truly believe this is something that’s rare and yet much needed.”

Given Teepa's praise, it seemed too good an opportunity to ignore.

Nikki's idea was for me to write something about Peter and the penny farthing. Apart from ensuring I kept Peter's voice at the heart of the article (and, believe me, it's hard to ignore Peter's voice), the most difficult element of this assignment was to keep the word count of 250 words.

Watch out for our article, coming soon! (Annoyingly, the article is 249 words - I just couldn't find a final word to use my entire allocation).

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