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Memory Lane, Trimley

Thank you to Wendy Chard for inviting us to the event at Memory Lane in Trimley

Bearing in mind Peter's mantra of 'living well...' and then his reassurances that it doesn't have to be cycling thousands of miles on a bike to do so (phew, sighs all round), this club and the event itself epitomised the living well element perfectly.

For those living with dementia and their carers/families, it is a welcome resource, pitched in the right way and I could see how everyone interacted with each other and enjoyed the music, the food, the quiz (who knew someone could find 30 questions on Christmas!) and, I hope, our short talk also was of some use to members there.

Without volunteers and goodwill, events like this would not happen so a huge thumbs up (or, as we say in the cycling fraternity, kudos) to Wendy and her team.

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