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Memories Are Golden, Suffolk is a big county!

Being an incomer to Suffolk, I often don't appreciate the size of the county. So, when a Suffolk based organisation (Memories are Golden) contacted me to see if Peter wanted to do a talk, my go-to answer was 'yes.' Lesson to self: check out a map!

Memories are Golden has an admirable ethos: to "bring together individuals living with dementia and those who may be at risk of social isolation from families, friends, and their community. Our Community Hub provides a safe space to socialise and build friendships, as well as providing meaningful activities, entertainment, and social events, to improve well-being and reduce feelings of isolation."

Despite Haverhill being over 60 miles from home and despite being a relative novice to the vagaries of winding and narrow Suffolk country lanes (it's so much easier by bike!), the car journey was calm enough and Peter and I arrived in good time to present our talk to the families and carers of those who are living with dementia.

The talk was, as ever, well received with the audience clearly engaged in Peter's story and unique style of presentation.

Can we extend our thanks to Kelly, the Hub Manager, who initiated the contact and to all those who so eagerly bought copies of both books.

The burning question remains though: what on earth WAS Peter chortling at so heartily in the first photograph?

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