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Match Report: Berry & Strachan Conquer the Orbital Tower

There were some glorious photographs taken of Peter and Sue pre, during and post abseil. I've only included a small selection and I hope they do justice to the day.

Thanks go to: Abi Hopkins for her faultless driving and navigating and for Torrens Cars for supplying both car and Abi to get us down to London - this was their contribution to the challenge and we are incredibly grateful. Thanks also go to Mark for joining us and for being there to see his old mate undertake this challenge. And a huge thanks to Clare from For Brian CIC, an organisation based in London. For Brian are "a community of people living with dementia, their families and friends. Together (they) co produce person centred and meaningful support & make lasting connections with others." Peter is one of For Brian's patrons and so it was fitting that Clare was there (on her bike) to cheer him on. It was especially lovely to see Kate and Henry - Peter was really chuffed that his daughter was able to come to London to support him and now I know that Henry is a Spurs fan I will be more circumspect in my comments about football to him...

In fitting a harness onto himself and abseiling, Peter was able to access old memories of his work days and I sensed that this was really important to him. But, the most touching element of the day for me was how Peter coaxed and supported his friend, Sue. It is no secret that Sue was petrified about the challenge but huge credit to her for a) agreeing to do it and b) completing it (even if she kept her eyes closed as she descended) and credit to Peter for talking her through the event.

As you probably know, the challenge was a fundraiser for Alzheimer's Research UK - the Berrys' charity of choice - and it was great to be part of an organised event. And, for one of the party, arriving back in Suffolk in time for the kick off for the Arsenal match rounded off a pretty good day!

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2 comentários

A really great day and as Sue’s partner I can only echo your praise for how Peter helped her achieve this challenge. 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼 (And now we know why you had to speed off quickly! 😉)

Deb Bunt
Deb Bunt
21 de ago. de 2022
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It was a real demonstration of a friendship. I have nothing but admiration for Sue for achieving this…and ….yes re the football (COYGs)

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