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March Podcast Number One - Come On In!

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Pippa Kelly asking if she could make a podcast. Our response was a resounding "you betcha" (although possibly couched in a more dignified, literary way).

Since the recording was made, we have learned that Pippa's podcasts have been ranked by Acast as being in their top 25% of podcasts and so this has added an additional, exciting element to the venture.

And so, without further ado...(not even a drumroll? No, just get on with it) is her podcast:

The hard work has been done by Pippa. All you have to do is to make some time, get a cuppa, a nibble or two, sit down and press the PLAY button on the link above.

There is pathos, humour, raw honesty, information of all...a sprinkling of innuendo which could have graced a Carry On film, not something one would expect to find in a podcast about early onset dementia but then, not everyone with early onset dementia is Peter Berry!

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