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Like the United Nations but different...

I know it's probably pushing the point a little too far, but the book club zoom meeting in which Peter and I participated this afternoon smacked of a mini United Nations delegation. We spoke to a book club based in the United Arab Emirates but whose participants hailed from places such as the UK, Holland, Qatar, Australia, Singapore and...oh yes...Sunderland.

This all came about after a chance meeting some months ago at the Weavers Tea Room in Peasenhall (round of applause here for the Weavers, not just for their delicious cakes, but also for their provision of a good networking arena). We were mid scone chomp when we bumped into Belinda, who hales from Suffolk but had moved to the UAE. She was delighted to see Peter and to hear his story and we agreed that a talk to the members of her book club at the UAE would be a good idea. For some inexplicable reason, they didn't foot the air fare so we had to do this via zoom.

It was great that everyone had read "Slow Puncture" and there were lots of questions for Peter (who always seems to hog the limelight;-)) and a couple for me.

Thanks, Belinda, for organising this and we are already looking forward to seeing you for another round of tea sipping and cake consumption at the Weavers when you are next in Suffolk.

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