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Like a Squirrel Gathering Nuts...

You know, there was a point when I felt an affinity to that squirrel who, every May, can be found feverishly gathering nuts. Yes, I know it's March and I am scooping up podcasts rather than nuts but I quite liked the image.

Neither Peter nor I ever dreamed there would be three separate podcasts made on "Slow Puncture" and Peter's journey with dementia, let alone podcasts broadcast in the same month. Nonetheless, to mark this auspicious occasion, I am officially declaring March to be 'The Month of the Berry Podcast!'

This podcast is made by Rosanna Miles in conjunction with Sondertide Productions and Alzheimers Research UK. It's episode ten and the others in her series are definitely worth listening to as well.

I tend to listen to podcasts in the bath but there is no compulsion for anyone else to indulge in such eccentricities. It plays equally well if you grab a cuppa and put your feet up - with the added bonus that your phone is unlikely to get wet. So, why not tune in and, as Rosanna requests at the end of the podcast, if you feel so inclined, spread the word.

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