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Let there be cake and ale (or coffee and cabbages) because we are all virtuous

What a morning! In these troubling and dark times, it's good to know that humanity and philanthropy still exist. Our coffee and cake morning today raised £1,086 for Alzheimer's Research UK but that figure only tells a fraction of the story.

Peasenhall is a relatively small village in a sleepy part of Suffolk. The Weavers Tea Room nestles coyly within that village. And yet today, Peasenhall was a hive of activity and the Weavers was bursting at its seams for our fund-raising event.

So many people donated their time, their cake making expertise and their prizes (yes, even a cabbage!).

There are a couple of names in particular for me that stand out: Ann and her husband, Alistair, who drove down from Bury St Edmunds to donate home-made shortbread, Georgy Jameison and Emily Slade, both from BBC Radio Suffolk who rocked up to observe the fun, Sara, Beth and their team for hosting the event (on their day off), Molly Hindle, the Regional Fundraising Officer for Alzheimer's Research UK and, of course, Peter and Teresa.

But most of all, I want to thank everyone who attended on a dreary and damp day to make this event so incredibly successful. Philanthropy most certainly exists and is alive and kicking in Peasenhall.

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