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Join Peter and CARE UK for a FREE online event

If you are a resident in the Stowmarket area or any of the surrounding Suffolk villages and have questions or concerns about dementia, please do join Peter in a free online event, hosted by CARE UK. This event will be on Tuesday, 25th May from 10.30 to noon.

Peter will be talking about living well with dementia: from the dark days of the diagnosis and the financial implications, through to the inevitable depression and then the determination to live well with the condition and to enjoy each day as it comes. He will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

As Peter says, "life is not over with dementia, it's just a little different" and he is most surely a great exponent of that phrase.

As an added bonus, he might, if prodded vigorously in the ribs by Teresa or by me, even mention his book "Slow Puncture". If fact, rib prodding will probably take place regardless of a mention of the book.

Spaces are limited so for more information or to book your free place please call Angela Hodge on 07583 128357 or email

This event will be carried out via Zoom, an online meeting space. Once you have booked your place, Angela will send you the meeting details and tips for getting most out of attending an online event.

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