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Institute of Government and Public Policy

I always smile when this website helpfully advises me to use a snappy title...if anyone can come up with one for today's news item: an online conference with the IGPP, you can have my job!

Anyway, today Peter and I presented at this important online conference, along with representatives from key dementia organisations. Amongst other things, the conference aimed "to explore how the government plans to support those wit the disease..." and it brought together senior leaders from across the healthy sector, government, academia and the wider public sector. That's quite an impressive bunch.

It's not easy talking earnestly to a computer screen but I have been assured by the organisers that we managed it. In fact, the delegate feedback score for Peter was a wonderful 4.83 out of 5 (leaving me with the inevitable question of where did the .17 go!) Clearly, there is scope for improvement.

I also had a cheeky look at the book sales (pre conference, "Slow Puncture" was 1,118 in the rankings on Living with Cancer and Illness Biographies. Now it stands at 119. Modified rapture as I know that this is a moving target.

Although we weren't there for the afternoon session, I have been told by the Chair that she closed the conference by reflecting on our remarks about support being a two way street. That, I think, is a lovely way to end a conference.

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