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When I sat and thought about all the things that Peter will be involved with over the next few weeks, an image of the Trotters' van in "Only Fools and Horses" popped into my mind. For those that don't know about this iconic show, the Trotters, duckers and divers from a south London borough, travelled around in a van which read: New York - Paris - Peckham. Peter's van (above) reflects the journey we are about to embark on starting from next week.

Things to look out for :

North Walsham - talk to social workers

Halesworth - book signing and talk at Halesworth Bookshop

California - interview with D Scott Smith for Amazon Live

Mumbai - interview with Geeta Iyer for Amicus Brain Innovations

Southwold - talk at the library

Islington - The Alzheimer's Show

It's going to be an interesting geographical tour around the world, both virtual and real. We invite you to stay on the road with us all to read about each event in more detail.

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