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Hold the Middle Page - The Mail on Sunday

A couple of weeks ago, journalist, Claudia Joseph (Journalist, Author and Genealogist | Claudia Joseph), drove from London to Friston to interview Peter and Teresa. Claudia had been a guest at The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes - All 4 (, had chatted to Peter whilst he was working there and had written a short article about the series and about Peter. On a whim, I contacted Claudia and asked if she fancied writing a follow up of what Peter has achieved in the three years since that show.

Credit to Claudia for driving to Suffolk, for capturing the essence of the Berrys and for creating a one page article in the health section of The Mail on Sunday. Here is her article.

And the picture at the top of this page was taken today in Waitrose and shows Peter holding the paper, wearing what seems to be his only tee-shirt...

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