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Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary – but this is an unusual anniversary. It is five years to the day since Peter’s official diagnosis of early onset dementia. It seems a good moment to reflect on all the remarkable things he has achieved since that dark day and the depression which followed on its heels:

  • Cycled across the country from Wales to Suffolk

  • Cycled 300 miles on a penny farthing

  • Cycled 1,600 miles in three months for Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK)

  • Raised well over £20,000 for Young Dementia UK and ARUK by these challenges Appeared on Channel Four

  • Appeared in several local newspapers and two national cycling magazines

  • Nominated and made the top three for the Cycling UK Charity Initiative Award

  • Given live radio and TV interviews

  • Created a Facebook page which has nearly 900 followers, a YouTube Channel with over 600 subscribers and a Twitter Account which is followed by 600+ people

  • Made 104 videos discussing all aspects of Alzheimer’s which is followed world wide and used as part of the curriculum in some schools in America

  • Delivered many talks and presentations to local charities and organisations

  • Opened the eyes and hearts of many, many people and demonstrated that life is not over with a dementia diagnosis – it’s just a little different

  • Created some amazing poetry through his descriptions of living with his dementia monster

  • And then there’s the little matter of the book, Slow Puncture, which will be published late September

All this – and more to come which we can’t yet post (ooh who doesn’t like a mystery) but most of all Peter wants to thank Teresa and Kate and family and friends for their support and love. As he says, a diagnosis of dementia is a diagnosis for the family. We are in this together!

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