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Hail Halesworth Bookshop!

Thank you so much to Abbie, owner of The Halesworth Bookshop for hosting us today and for the rapidity with which she replenished her supplies of "Slow Puncture". I was astonished to learn that, in readiness for this event, she had bought ten copies of the book a few days ago but they had all been sold! We had to act quickly behind the scenes but Abbie was able to acquire fifteen more copies some of which sat, I noted, in a satisfying pile on the counter.

It was a fascinating morning; books were signed, old memories were stirred and other local authors were met: Jeni Neill (author of The Devil's Eye and Fen Roads - thank you for the gift of both books!) and Sue Thompson (author of "Spending a Penny in Southwold" and "Harmonicas Round My Hat" - the latter which she kindly signed and gifted to us. We also had our own mini paparazzi in the wonderful Charmian Berry who turned up to take some photos.

And don't forget, we can now say we were signing copies of our first book as the second will be released within the next few days!

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