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Gotta love networking!

Following yesterday's radio interview with Georgy Jamieson, we were contacted by the BBC Radio Suffolk News Desk (that in itself creates a frisson of a thrill), to say that a Suffolk based men's mental health charity, MANUP? would like to involve Peter in their awareness raising.

After a quick chat with Dan Somers, the founder of the charity and a look at his website, it was obvious that this was the perfect opportunity for both Peter and MANUP? Listening to Dan talk, I found myself thinking: "this sounds like the sort of thing Peter would say!"

Dan will record Peter's talk on 14th April and then it will be posted by Dan and put on to our respective social media sites.

Their website is below.

Thanks to the news desk and to Radio Suffolk for presenting and facilitating these continued opportunities and thanks to Dan for emailing the programme.

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