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Gold Medal at Sudbury Sporting Memories

This was another of those presentations where everything just seemed to work – yes, even my navigational skills in getting us to Sudbury (well, Peter and my satnav might have had something to do with that, too).

Sudbury Sporting Memories (part of the larger, UK organisation Sporting Memories) a mere concept for the months before the presentation, suddenly became a reality and the work that the organisation - and Andy Read in Sudbury - do is truly outstanding. Their ethos of "reminisce, replay and connect" sums up the organisation's ethos.

Andy himself was the perfect host, receptive and attentive and, most importantly, he showed a real understanding of the essence of our talk.

It was great to hear Andy talking to Rob Dunger from Suffolk Sound Radio in the morning about Sporting Memories and, specifically, about our visit that afternoon. It was equally great that Rob turned up to the event and I think that we now have another media outlet through which to share Peter’s story.

Andy had secured some funding to provide us all with afternoon tea which enhanced the after-presentation socialising. He had also purchased ten copies of “Slow Puncture” which were raffled with Peter making the draw for the raffle.

A lovely touch and a way of handing over the baton to the younger generation was the inclusion of some students from Thomas Gainsborough School in the audience. These young people all hope to pursue a career in the health and social care field and, in many ways and for many of us, will be our future.

By way of a change, I have pasted in some of the comments received which I hope give the sense of our talk:

“What a truly enlightening talk by Peter and Deb. Completely re-educated me on this horrible illness. Just small positive ways of helping people suffering from Alzheimer’s. A fantastic person with such positive outlook to even consider cycling 100 miles in a day on a penny farthing beggars belief. Well done, Peter. The help given by Deb is absolutely phenomenal.”

“Oh, my goodness in 45 minutes he changed a lot of people’s outlook on living with dementia. Truly inspirational. Deb Bunt your cycling buddy Peter is amazing but without your support much of what he does wouldn’t be possible. Thanks both of you.”

“Firstly, massive thanks for today - I lost count of the people who said to me how differently they will now look upon dementia.”

“The personality Peter brings into this is very special…..the monster prowling has given him an exceptional gift to communicate and help others. From a personal perspective Peter’s Suffolk accent made many of us able to relate to this with more reality.”

“Can I also thank you for the truly inspiring role you bring to Peter’s story, a real friend who is not only helping Peter but enabling the story to be widely shared.”

“Great insight into this dark illness learnt more in 45 mins than in the many years we struggled with my mother in law knowing what I have learnt from this inspirational pair would have made a tremendous difference. Thank you so much.”

“Thanks are not enough as 50 people today have been positively influenced & will turn influence another (let’s say 3) who in turn will influence another 1 = 300 people who are now going to be more aware of the dementia monster. “

Thanks to the town’s Mayor, Jan Osborne for attending and an especial mention to Gail Cardy who is too modest to admit her huge part in writing a dynamic and proactive dementia strategy for Suffolk and for her support to Peter, Teresa and me in all we do. It was also lovely to see Matt from Christie’s Care in the audience.

And on a personal gleeful note: I met the Arsenal physiotherapist from the 70’s onwards which is why I am beaming very uncharacteristically in the photo, particularly as he asked me to marry him. If he can fix my broken shoulder, the answer is an unequivocal yes…

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