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Filming with HealthWatch Suffolk

As part of Suffolk's dementia strategy, Healthwatch Suffolk are running a new initiative whereby they are gathering and collating the views of those living with memory impairment/dementia and their families to inform the strategy.

Inclusivity and accessibility is key when inputting people's opinions into any strategy and it was great to meet Rob and Michael, who arrived at Berry Towers complete with filming equipment and smiles.

The pictures are a cameo of the morning's filming:

Michael demonstrates the camera to a small child (and if technology is approved by a small child, then you know it's pukka); small child inspects the microphone before testing it out with the help of one of his best buddies, the filming commences, small child wanders off to stroke one of the Berrys' cats proving it IS possible to work with animals and children as long as you're quick.

The videos and the Berrys' views, plus the perspectives of many others in Suffolk, will be available to read and watch in the Spring. But well done to Suffolk Council and all of those with whom we have already had contact for, not only wanting to make Suffolk a more dementia friendly and inclusive town, but actually doing something about it.

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