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Felixstowe Radio: The "Fabulous Friday Afternoon Show"

We had a great opportunity on Friday because Jules Button had invited us on her afternoon show on Felixstowe Radio. Peter and I had an hour to talk all things books, cycling, friendship, the Felixstowe Book Festival and dementia. When two loquacious, verbose individuals are given an hour, they are not going to poo poo it and, I'm pleased to say, no poo pooing was done in that afternoon at all.

I can't thank Jules enough for her generosity with the air time afforded to us and for her understanding and empathy during the interview. There were also lots of chuckles and giggles as one would expect. My only regret is that, although Jules was suitably horrified by my broken shoulder - and wanted to see it (honestly, she did) - there was no camera around to film this magical moment.

A bonus was Peter reading the weather news in his lovely Suffolk accent which prompted Jules a) to give Peter a job and b) to invite us both back in a couple of months. One offer was accepted, the other, reluctantly, turned down.

It certainly was a media fuelled, intense week and we ended it by popping in to pay a visit with Lesley Dolphin to munch cake and chew the cud. Or was it chewing cake and munching cud? Either way, it was a lovely way to end the afternoon.

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