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Exploring trust - thanks to the Dementia Summit

When Peter and I were invited to be key speakers at last October’s Dementia Summit in London, I did not for a moment think this would lead to other opportunities. Not only was our talk well received (well, it must have been as we were invited back in September 2024) from my perspective it has also presented me with some invitations to flex my writing muscles. 

The Summit in conjunction with Care Roadshows and Broadway Events asked that I write three articles for their website.  In December they published my article about friendship. 

Today they published my blog about trust within our relationship: how does someone who has no real recollection of your past and who you are build trust?  Is this an intuitive emotion or…well, rather than me pose these questions you can read all about it on this link:

I’m just putting the finishing touches on blog three which is all about finding strategies that work for Peter.  Is this the moment to shout in my best Evening Standard vendor’s voice: "Strategies...Read all about it…”

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